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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Last Tuesday the 31st of May the opening ceremony of "DANAOS user meetings" was held at DANAOS' building, a summit of the company's global clientele occurring every two years. The ceremony was attended by ninety-five representatives of the maritime community who participated both virtually and physically at the event. Part of the agenda was dedicated to the ORC4SHIP project.

DANAOS research team presented the project's concept and innovation to analysts of vessel energy performance and decision-makers for the selection of the right technology to optimize energy consumption on board.

The audience fits the persona of a future user of the ORC4SHIP engine and for this reason, a small workshop closed the session in a form of open discussion with the attendees, with the scope to collect useful feedback.

The event concluded with a cocktail party at the rooftop of DANAOS' building for networking.

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Updated: May 5, 2022

The design of the ORC engine for the ORC4SHIP project has been completed. The ORC will be installed in the ship's engine room to recover heat from the engine’s cooling system. The 3D drawings show the layout of the 20kWe ORC unit with its main components.

A screw expander Hanbell was selected as the expansion device of the system, while a centrifugal pump Grundfos of vertical flow with magnetic coupling was selected to cover the needed head.

The whole engine was designed for organic fluid R1234ze (E). A shell-tube heat exchanger was designed as the engine’s condenser, while a plate heat exchanger was selected as evaporator.

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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Our Project Partner PSYCTOTHERM talks about ORC technology and the benefits it brings to green shipping to NAYS online magazine

Our partner states "..provided ships have huge amounts of waste heat emitted to the environment, a specialized ORC unit can be ideal for recovering and converting it into electricity. This innovative idea has been awarded a Seal of Excellence by the European Commission in the framework of HORIZON 2020. It is implemented today, in collaboration with Danaos Management research center, co-financed by EYDE ETAK and the action RESEARCH–CREATE-INNOVATE (project code:T2ΕDK-03465) ."

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